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Now AndForever

.Friday, March 4, 2011@10:00 PM.

So, here are almost all the poems. Found where they were hidden and shall post it out. This shall be the post for today, enjoy :). (That is, if you like poems.)

This is the first poem posted in my blog=D April 18 2008
Love is so complicated; it brings people into confusion,
Full of trust and doubts, it may all be just an illusion...
Without you, my life would be in a mess,
Losing your love and care, I fall, in depress...
Why leave me when u said you’ll never leave me aside
What must I do to show my love to you?
I love you so dearly that to you I will mostly abide.
Please, my love is true...
My 2nd poem posted=D it's all about my feelings on that day itself April 27 2008

On that very day when u chose to leave, I burst into tears filled with grieve
Bewildered with your choice, echoing through my mind was your voice...
There was once when u said those words to me,
I started to doubt, how true will it be?
Daring I am to disclose my love, for my words are truly from my heart...
To me u is my treasure trove, willingly to be forever your life-long bard...
3rd~~ quite short>.<>
It was you, whom I hold dear to,
I stood by you, despite where I am to be...
My lady, for you, I will close my eyes and sing,
To be your bard, I will write and melody, until our love shall ring...
4th poem~ September 11 2008
On the day, I noticed your cheerful façade
Present to me, your lifeless ill fate.
Through the wintry bitter night I stray,
Thoughts of thee filled my day...
Once I said to thee “thou love my love, and I will love thee”Till now I hath doubt, how true is your love shown to me...
5th poem!!! this is a nice one=D but some ppl think hard to understand... October 19 2008
[Unexpected Love]

The sky ablaze; the golden ball rose.
My heart caught in a gale, towards an unknown, where it flows…
The love, for long, I had yearned to see.
But then, all I gave has never come back to me…

That once I lost you, when the nightingale sings.
Since then, I sobbed, unable to give.
Tears trickle, once and then, everytime it rings…
Tied in me, my head, with mementos of ‘leave’

So true it was, as time ticks and tocks.
Healed, by time, the heart-stabbing thoughts
Long forgotten it seems, but never too long...
Fallen in love, unknowingly, memories, ring a ding-dong...
6th poem on a music=D not tat good i think... November 1 2008
Poem on Music (Twilight)
Notes, drifted through my ears, from the boy’s solo play...
Reminds me of early years, where I was just so gay...
Was then, the era, whom to she, I loved tons;
Undefined time we spent and happiness continued, through endless months...

Here in a daze, deep in thought...
For our love, so hard I fought...
Tears, dripped from my eyes, so bloodshot...
Hand gripped to chest, hurt as though from a gunshot...

Endless streams of despair’s flood, my classical guitar. I held low...
Strumming slowly, the last part. I end my sadness together, with a diminuendo...
7th one composed for band ppl who came bak from jap=D November 4 2008
[Back Home]

Far away you were, a week ago...
I lamented about time, tick-tock just too slow...
A smile to be brought upon, despite the flight in which you flew,
I wouldn’t expect a ton, just a smile from you.

An experience to be brought back,
With great confidence within...
Enlightenment there, does not lack,
With knowledge from what’s been seen...

As the climate change, with sanctuary, filled the mind.
Sitting in the plane peering out: Singapore is what I am to find.
The plane landed, just around the night,
The majestic view from above, streets filled with light...
Tired you should be,
At there endlessly you roam.
Not here as you can see,
For here, you are Back Home...
To all my fellow friends and buddies!!!!The 8th one~ November 5 2008
[Everlasting Friendship]

From that day when we met,
I found in u the best I could get...
You my friend… Is to me, that God bestow,
And our friendship, to me, will never turn shallow...

Bonded we are, Like a sailor and his ship...
Never in our life shall we part far,
Cheers we shall to our Everlasting Friendship...
It is our Class!!! My 9th poem, First step, also the last... November 7 2008
[First step, also the last]

Day 1, was the first step, here we all met,
In a class a common place, together we stand and sat...
As time rides, our closeness grew,
As a class, we'd unite, together as 1 crew...

Countless obstacles we've overcome,
Despite our Achilles’ heel...
Together as one, even though unarmed,
Out hearts, made of steel…

Our bond of great depth, memories of unforgettable past...
For here was our First Step, and Also The Last...
We are all together as ONE!!! Every friend's a clover!10th poem! November 12 2008
[A Clover, A Friend]

You were there when I needed you,
My sky grey and u turned it blue...
Together we unite, together as one...
With our friendship’s might, no impossible undone,

During the darkest hour, stress pounded on me...
You brought upon light, boulders lifted, I am free!
Joy hardship and stress we’ve experienced aplenty,
Here we are, still as lively.

For eternity I requested, that our friendship would never descend...
For you, of all was the best... Whom I described... A Clover, A Friend...
Secretive times~~ my 11th poem November 15 2008
[Love kept inside]

From then on, when that feeling struck,
I realized, love, a heart's spark...
I thought to myself, to whom, not to be told...
Life’s unpredictable, the future, unable to be foretold...

Once, I thought of confessing...
The consequences, very much depressing...
The love to you I had not expressed,
My heart told me to, but I’m unable to abide...
From the day you left, I felt depressed,
To love in secrecy, from within, the Love Kept Inside...
12th poem!! =D i name this Untitled November 26 2008
I fell for you, on that day, yes I did...
You flood my mind, you, is all I need...
You left on that day, to a faraway place...
I regretted, in dismay, I could'nt confess, face to face...

Consequences in every path to choose,
A choice, you have nothing to lose...
In me I keep, as time flow…
The regret in me just so deep, I did not know...
Ok!!! posted them here. Hope you liked it.
smile always(:-...

.Thursday, March 3, 2011@11:18 PM.

Ideological difference really does affects the relationship between people...
Okay... So i didn't post the last few days, i know, i promised Joker... Ya, i never keep my promise. So does it shows that i'm not trustworthy? I guess it does. I'm a liar.
Didn't have the mood AT ALL to post. Lost it, felt that life's joking around with me. I feel like i'm just in this world just because i'm here, and my presence never seem significant.
I'm usually not appreciated for things i've done, and always thinking that being nice would actually make others treat me well too. Well, i guess people just treat you well when they needed something from you. And when u feel that they have been constantly treating you so nice. Well, that'll probably meant that they expect something from you in return. Soon, they'll just ask for more till you're unable to give. That's when they'll just leave u behind and act like they never knew you.
Ever wonder if you were with a total duplicate of yourself? What do you think of 'yourself'? Will you be able to bear with the duplicate's attitude? Character? Hais...
**Piece of mind**
Love is selfish, when u give your love to another, you'd never expect it be given to you too. Love is blind, you'll never know who you may just spark a fire with. Love's poison is deadly, it stabs you from the inside leaving a scar, memories buried deep in the back of our head.
Love is a blessing, when you are able to give yours and take some at the same time.
Love is intimacy, when one's lust is brought upon one's love.
never is Love, when one's lust is dominant over love.
Life's full of suprises, full of give and takes.
Life's unfair, where you'll never get the best of both worlds.
Life's exciting, when new adventures are brought about, and curiousity are fulfilled.
Life's a burden, when everything never goes your way.
*Here's the real post*
Anyway, Happy 1 Year and 3month Anniversary to my Girl! :)
Well... I'm sorry for making you upset, i guess i did, and if i did not then... well, then i didn't apologise. lol.
Finally done with the enrolment letter. Damn that thing, so many things to do just because of us people entering Polytechnic? Screw it!
I went to my Future sch today. And i think it was really cool! Escalators!!! lol! It's darn freaking BIG!!!
Humongous-ly, Gigantic-ly, Colossus-ly, Mammoth-ly BIG!!!
It's about 40mins travelling time from my house, quite ok with it. But the it will be darn boring in the train... 30mins train ride, sheesh...
I alighted at Yio Chu Kang, and walked out of the station, then i stun. I was like O.O...
"Where to go?"
so i decided to follow some youngsters as i see all of them walking in the same direction.
I followed and followed until about 10mins, i realise that they were turning to the right halfway through the pedestrian pathway which it seems to me to be only going all the way straight. Then i see them turn i was like, "Oooo..."
Took notice of the signboard reading 'To Nanyang Polytechnic'
and i LOL-ed! it's like an underpass pedestrian into the sch. Took 1 escalator up to the 1st floor, then another one to the 2nd floor where the Student's Service is at.
Didn't get to tour much of the sch as i just hand in the reply letter and left.
Oh oh oh!!! In the middle of sch got 1 small fountain, which is like a pool but not a pool -.-''
I almost fell into it, wtf! I was listening to music while texting when i realise i was walking a bit towards the side till i'm like 2 steps into the fountain -.-'' LOL!!
Fortunately, i didn't fall in :) and had a safe trip home.
Volleyball today was boring though, still ok lah. Didn't really do anything. Ended early today, then head home. Ate dinner just now and was damn full! Bittergourd Soup!! Woo!! lol! ok that's all. Good-a-bye!!!!
smile always(:-Everyday is like a burden...

.Saturday, February 26, 2011@11:17 PM.

Have i told you? Well, even if i had, i'd like to say it once more.
I loved you before, and i'm loving your now even more.
Eh... ello all! I'm back. Yes! I'm back from Volleyball! Ok, relax, not so fast, let's start with the intro first alright? :)
Woke up at about 9.30am today, sms-ed Joker. Well... I didn't know it will wake her up, i thought that the msg will be noticed only after she wakes up naturally rather than from disturbance. Anyway, She's still bugging me about some stuff that had happened!!! AAAaahhh!!!! Played the com in the morn and went down to the market for lunch and bought some stuffs to stock up the fridge at home with my cousin.
I don't know why, but the basketball game seems so addicting!! LOL!! Anyway, shall not get too engrossed in the game. About late afternoon, my junior sms-ed me to go for volleyball at College West ITE. So i agreed. Went for v.ball but was late, but all went rather ok. Managed to get into some matches in the mix-ed court and played rather so-so. But seems like i'm not really enjoying a lot at the ITE, seems very much like a stranger there...
ended at around 9.40pm and went home after that. Now i'm at home, and i'm HUNGRY!!!! T.T FOOODDD!!!!!!
smile always(:-Gotta control myself.

.Friday, February 25, 2011@11:39 PM.

I know, I know, I know...
Damn... So now how?
Ok... so for today, let's see... hmmm... It's a Fri... boring day again...
Woke up and had breakfast, um actually brunch. Joker came by my place after sch, what a surprise! LOL. Soon, she went for her CCA.
Played Com (the sniper game) and play till pek chek! argh! nvm .__. Played other games and watched tv until about 6pm, went out to send Joker home :).
She was telling me about her CCA stuffs and lamenting about them, lol. She made it sound like she doesn't like her CCA XD but i know she does though.
After i sent her home, i was on the way back. When she called me up.
Went up and helped her finish her dumplings and drank some soup.
Soon after awhile, i had to leave.
And head home.
smile always(:-It won't happen again... I promise.

.Sunday, February 20, 2011@10:34 PM.

Guy, "If only girls would be more direct in what they want and would like to say..."
Girl,"If only you guys took the time to understand what we want and what we were trying to say. :)"
Guy, "Well, if only you girls were more willing to open up to us."
Girl,"If only guys were willing to sit down and listen."

Hohoho! Yup, i'm posting again. Well didn't post the last few days... I seriously did NOTHING which is why i didn't post... So, why not let just start with the post shall we? or maybe.. Shall i?
Had Volleyball Yesterday, was boring... Outdoor... Passed the file to Si Hui and met Jeffrey before heading to v.ball.
Joker was in a bad mood yesterday... Didn't know what to do, i mean... When she's upset, i will too feel upset, but it just seems that i always don't have what it takes to cheer her up. I seriously don't know what good she sees in me... :'(
So it's today, Tues... A boring day, so boring that it seems worse than studying, SERIOUSLY!
I just want Poly to start soon... i can't survive any longer having the same routine almost everyday, where i would just stay at home and so nothing argh!
Hmm... Speaking about Poly, some people are talking about their enrollment letters, omg! I hope i got it too!! Aaaahh!!! Letter Box!!! Check Check CHECK!!! Damn excited about Poly life :) hope that all goes well. Well, without doubt, Joker seems worried that i might change, as in change in character and etc. well... What that's gonna happen in the near future we won't know, but 1 thing for sure is that my love for you won't change :)
smile always(:-I actually wonder... What is it that makes us close to each other? Well, my answer is love and intimacy. What's yours?

.Friday, February 18, 2011@11:30 PM.

Smiling at those grateful pleasures,
Craving for yet another desire...
Hmm...*rubs chin* think think think.
Heh! Friday today!!! Woo!!! Ok, so let's see.
Woke up extremely early today, about 9+ and i'm awake. Played the com after breakfast and stoned at home till about 12.30.
And yes, that is to send Joker home! lol. Watched her eat her late lunch and she scammed me that the chicken, was actually beef -.-'' haha! She asked me if i wanna drink Choya, i told her no. Can't imagine my drunken state.
Then she gotta go for her CCA, so we chiong-ed to sch. LOL! Like seriously CHIONG-ED!
Went to meet Kailin at lot 1, surprisingly her mum was there too 0.o... and so was her sister O.o...
Ok, so they bought some stuffs and went to Kailin's house together with them. Ate cookies and talked about some stuff. Oh oh, gonna help them change a booklet at Lot 1 as it has errors inside. Their mum asked me to do it, so i said ok :).
Stayed at her place till about 4.30pm before leaving for badminton.
I reached Clementi at about 4.55pm and reached the Sports Hall at 5pm sharp. Wow, talk about efficiency LOL!
Agi and his bro came and played matches... Things didn't go well, and i was under a lot of pressure... Didn't have the motivation and willpower to continue playing... :( sad...
Dislike the guy i was playing against... Doesn't know how to wait for the players to get ready before serving... I guess i'm just not good enough... sianzxzxzxzxzxzxz<-- LOL!!! jk, not gonna type like that .___.
Shall play again on Sunday against the Uncles and Aunties :D Woo!! Love it! lol. kk. bye.
smile always(:-Your embrace i'd yearn, your touch i'd desire. But it's You i'd Need :)

.@9:31 AM.

Beneath the pitch black sky,
to myself i would lie.
Together with nature i'd lay,
'i miss you' to myself i'd say.
Now we'd rest, awaiting the sun to arise.
Yes, now we'd rest, under the moon with life.
Hello. :) I guess someone would find this poem very familiar. Well, i've read it, thank you. For once i thought it's one of those forgotten poem i wrote and never know how it was written.
Went to sch today to help Joker take her raquet, and i was seriously bored. Met Si Hui at the canteen and we talked. after a while went to her class, and looked around. Then Simon came, well, i asked him to come as i've got stuff to be passed to him. Chit-chatted away until it was 4pm, then i headed for v.ball.
Volleyball today was quite ok, i still think i'm not good enough, damn, seriously deproved...
So, things were quite rush. After v.ball, i met up with Joker to pass her the raquet, and headed to Zhenghua CC for badminton with Shao Lun and some other friends.
:) Won Joker 2-1 singles. Re-match soon, cause i think it's not counted as Joker was very tired.
Play doubles match and Joker had to leave.
Ended at 8pm, and head home. I reached home and i was really REALLY hungry, argh... FOODDDD!!!!!!
Anyway, i just hope She does not tire herself out... She's getting more and more tired each day...
smile always(:-Dont want to see you suffer so much...


16yrs old, and schooling at Zhenghua Sec.
1e2'07, 2e2'08->3e1'09->4e1'10*
What matters most is that we are together not how long we've been together
Interested in Poems, that i compose
& volleyball is my sport
So now you know =).
(L):Her,Sports,Haagen Daz
(X):Those who hate me.

I Love you just the way you are.


Wish Lists

[]For 2012
[]Eat Haagen daz with Rebecca.
[]Treat Xenia.L to Haagen daz.($$ fly)
[x]To be 16 officially! NC16 shows, Here i come!! :)
[x]Converse shoe
[]Belt for my pants


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